Honorary Board of Directors

Susan Garrett (Ret)
Illinois State Senator
John Paxson
VP of Operations Chicago Bulls
Nancy R. Rotering
Mayor, Highland Park, IL
The Hon. Emilio B. Santi (Ret)
Associate Judge
Lorraine Morton 1918-2018
Mayor, Evanston, IL
Timothy Perry (Ret)
Mayor, Grayslake, IL
Arlene J. Mulder
Mayor, Arlington Heights, IL
Hon. Karen May (Ret)
Illinois State Representative

Board of Directors

Mike Brenner
Joanne Bregman
Cathy Carlo
Linda Goldstein
Patti Williams Hoffman
Marty Karlov
Steve Rifkin
Marty Segal
Linda Schwartz

Advisory Committee

Wayne M. Goldstein, MD
President Illinois
Bone and Joint Institute

Founding Directors

David Katz
Gail Katz
Melissa Katz Gold


Where are young people getting
prescription drugs?


Know the warning signs.
Denial is enemy #1.

Stop a tragic ending. Where to turnfor help before things go bad.



Call for more information
847-579-1300 ext. 146   


The SAVE A STAR Drug Awareness Foundation website provides helpful information and resources for drug users, communities and educators, children and young people who may be faced with the temptations of drug use, and parents and loved ones who seek a better understanding of drugs.

This website addresses many different aspects of drugs in America today, and how they impact the lives of drug users and those who care for their welfare. The information provided has been written and gathered from various sources, and in no way should serve as the final word or a recommendation on how you might deal with a personal drug problem, for yourself or a loved one. For more information, call 847-579-1300, or contact us by email.

For a list of controlled substances published by the DEA, click here.

David & Gail Katz featured in Windy City Live on April 28th, 2014.

Did you see our personal story on the
CBS News The Early Show
on June 17?  Watch it here!




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