Young People & Drugs

Many parents are deeply concerned about their child becoming involved with drugs. Often, they feel that they do not know enough about drugs to help prevent their child from turning to drugs or worse, preventing harm. Some parents think that drinking alcohol and getting drunk is just a normal part of growing up, a rite to passage. This opinion may be very dangerous, because there are serious risks associated with drinking, particularly for young people.

You and your child need to be aware of these risks. Know...

  • For most young people, getting drunk and illegal drug taking is not a part of normal life.
  • Most people who do try drugs may not continue using them. But some will.
  • There are serious risks associated with drug use, including health, legal and behavioral consequences.

Teens and young people use drugs for many reasons. Often, parents believe that kids use drugs if they are having problems at home or at school, but this is not always accurate. They may be attracted to drugs and alcohol because:

  • They enjoy the short-term "high" effects

  • Their friends use them

  • They want the share in the experience when socializing with others

  • They are curious about the effects

  • The drugs are easily available

  • As part of growing up, they might just want to "break the rules"



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