Setting Rules for Your Teen's Free Time

When to talk to your children about drugs

Conversations when you suspect your teen's drug use

The Risks of "Experimentation"

How to talk to your kids about drugs if you did drugs

Young people use drugs for different reasons in different situations



When to talk to your children about drugs

The most effective time to start talking to your children about using drugs is around the age of nine or ten.

By this time, you should have already given your child enough grounding in the basics of life and your child will be receptive to what you have to say to them before they move off into their adolescent years of life.

Undoubtedly, you are already interacting with your children in a number of ways such as doing the household chores together, helping with schoolwork, reading stories and playing games. These are the perfect moments to start a conversation with your children on these topics.

If your child has passed this age, then do not despair as you can still try to bring these issues up with your children. However, talking to older children may prove more difficult as they may not be as receptive to your viewpoint.

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