Setting Rules for Your Teen's Free Time

When to talk to your children about drugs

Conversations when you suspect your teen's drug use

The Risks of "Experimentation"

How to talk to your kids about drugs if you did drugs

Young people use drugs for different reasons in different situations



Conversations when you suspect your teen's drug use.

What happens if you suspect that your teen is already using alcohol and drugs? What do you say to them? Parents need to tell their kids that drug and alcohol use is not allowed in your family.

The issue won't go away until you do something. You will simply have to acknowledge that your teen has a problem — your teen is using drugs and that won't get any better until you take action on your teen's behalf. It is OK to ask for help. In fact, getting help may make it easier for you to have the conversation.

Practice the conversation ahead of time. You may have to have a couple of "practice runs." These conversations are not easy but they are worthwhile. Talking it over with your spouse/ partner beforehand will help you keep a level head and speak to the issue. (Review some key talking points and practice these sample conversations beforehand.)

Make Agreements with Yourself? Tell yourself that you won't "lose it" with your teen. Anger and hostility won't get you anywhere in this conversation. Stay as calm as possible. Remember, you are the parent and you are in charge. Be kind, simple, and direct in your statements to your teen. Above all, remember to tell your teen that you love him or her! The conversation will not be perfect — no conversation ever is. Know that you are doing the right thing for your teen. That's what matters most!

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